Maker Faire Rocklin 2023

ED-E Companion Bot

Home: California, United States

I have made a companion bot to look like the character ED-E from Fallout New Vegas. Built from 3D printed parts and electronics, he can play light shows, interact with me and attendees, and play short music clips. ED-E is a work in progress and I am looking forward to adding more features as a fun and interesting project. I was inspired to build my own robot after meeting Odd_Jayy at Maker Faire Bay Area in 2019. I'm also planning on wearing a Fallout themed costume to accompany my robot.
ED-E Companion Bot - Maker Faire Rocklin


Dexter Starfighter Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Dexter Starfighter

Teenage artist and maker who has attended Maker Faire since 2009. I like music, video games, specifically the Fallout series, drawing, and writing. Fallout New Vegas is my favorite of the Fallout video games.

What Inspired You to Make This?

In 2019, I met Odd_Jayy at MakerFaire. I remember seeing his spider bot and thinking how cool it was. I’ve always liked the idea of a companion bot, but I’ve never actually had a specific idea of what I want out of one. When dad told me that we would be going to Maker Faire Rocklin again, I immediately thought of an ED-E companion bot.

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