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Circular Farm la fattoria urbana circolare

Circular Farm is an urban farm, inspired by the circularity of nature. In our circular agricultural process we produce Oyster mushrooms reusing the coffee grounds from the bars and other product like medical mushrooms, micro-vegetable, flours, eggs, worm humus and compost. Our process is innovative, because we use a vertical systems of cultivation in the shipping containers, out of land. In addition to the production of mushrooms, our company produces micro-vegetables and vegetables from hydroponic cultivation systems (aquaponic system) and with a synergic garden. From the mushrooms substrate, we make a compost pile and thanks of the aerobic fermentation we produce hot water that we use in winter time for heating our greenhouse. In our Circular Farm space we organize educational tour for schoosl, experience, workshops and training for the people that want to replicate our circular system.
Circular Farm la fattoria urbana circolare - Maker Faire

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Antonio  Di Giovanni Maker Photo

Antonio Di Giovanni

Antonio Di Giovanni, founder of Funghi Espresso (agronomist): 38 years old, graduated in Environmental Management of Rural Landscape in Florence. His interest began through many years of recycling and reuse of organic waste and alternative techniques for waste management. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Research Center of Zero Waste municipality of Capannori, specializing in the study of the residual material from the collection of municipal waste. Antonio thinks that "Agriculture has a dual function: to produce good and healthy nutritious food for our needs and to offer environmentally-friendly services to the community (care of the landscape and environmental quality of the area)." In 2014 he founded, the startup "Funghi Espresso" and in 2020 he found Circular Farm.

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