Maker Faire Rome 2023

Carbonium - Sandy

Sandy is an autonomous, inexpensive, and sustainable rover capable of cleaning beach sand of the most superficial litter. The project aims to put robotics at the service of the environment and wants to find a fast and inexpensive solution to clean the coast while preserving the local ecosystem and at the same time providing environmental data. The rover moves autonomously on the beach avoiding obstacles, picking up sand and trash that it encounters. The sand is filtered and pebbles and shells are separated from the trash by artificial intelligence algorithms.
Carbonium - Sandy - Maker Faire

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Carbonium was born during the hackathon of the national finals of the Genoa 2022 Robotics Olympiad, which sparked in Giuseppe Lapietra and Giulio Gismondi the desire to found a reality composed of makers willing to innovate and grow together. Since then the collective has expanded and broadened its horizons, focusing on more projects and including individuals of the most diverse ages and skills. Working on Sandy were Giuseppe Lapietra, Michele Scaramuzzi, Gianluca Tarantino, Giuseppe Macchia, Giulio Gismondi, Dario Danisi and Vincenzo Delfino.

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