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Home: New York, United States

My products are refinished wood items they are burned with 2000+ volts of electricity. This is called the Lichtenberg process.

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Bob Abbey Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Bob Abbey

My background is in automotive repair and service management, Then a career change into computers leading to IT management. Now, retired I discovered this method of woodburning at a makers fair. Then off to Youtube for more information. Lichtenberg wood burning is an innovative method to design on wood by burning it with a high voltage of electricity. This phenomenon was first introduced by the German physicist George Christophe Lichtenberg. The Lichtenberg design is, in fact, a kind of design like tree branches. That being said, by evacuating the high voltage of electricity inside the insulating material, creates a miniature form of lightning.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I saw this procedure at a past makers faire.

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