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Sepia Lux

Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

October 13th-22nd

Maker Art & Design Ribbon Recipient

Sepia Lux and is the creation of a number of artists and was build in Santa Rosa CA. It is a 36’ long, 15’ wide animatronic, inflatable cuttlefish. The balloon portion of the project was designed and made by Bill Kennedy (Inflatabill)The lighting design, programming and integration was done by Brian Willison. Mechanics, robotics, electronics were done by Loren Crotty of Santa Rosa. Contributions were made by over a dozen other individuals over the course of its build. The car is powered with 2 lithium battery banks with onboard generator power as well. There are multiple moving systems including 4 cam driven fin arrays and 9 linear actuators control head tentacles using Arduino +switches. Thousands of LEDs are controlled via computer, and 2 hemispherical LED monitors serve as eyeballs.

The CooLab  Maker Picture

The CooLab

This mobile art vehicle was designed and displayed at a desert festival the last two years. The response has been phenomenal, and we want to share the art (and technology) with interested individuals.

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