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Obtainium Works

Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

October 13th-22nd

Maker Fabrication

For both weekends, we plan to bring a number of art vehicles to be on display and be mobile on the 2nd weekend. We will also bring our Robot Rumble exhibit which is a battlebot style event using trash robots made from Obtainium. There will be 4 robots that are RC controlled to battle each other in a public safe arena. There will also be robots on display. On Sunday, October 22 at 5pm, we will have a parade of Obtainium Cup Contraptor Rally pedal powered vehicles.


Sun 22 Sun 22 October 2023
Coal Shed Overhangs
4:15 pm
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Obtainium Works

Obtainium Works is a makerspace in Vallejo, California that specializes in producing small art cars for events such as the Mad Hatter Holiday Festival and Parade. We've demonstrated our work at all the Maker Faire events from 2006-2019.

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