Using Makerspaces To Create Engaging Curriculum

In this presentation, we will explore how Makerspaces can be a highly effective tool to deliver curriculum while engaging students in a variety of daily and long-term challenges and projects. Part of the discussion will look at how Hawks Makerspace has integrated its program with classrooms so that teachers can expand on each project within their own learning environment. Specific examples will be highlighted and discussed.

What inspired you to give this presentation/panel/workshop?:
Making provides an opportunity for students to engage in "hands-on" learning and explore education through their own imagination, creativity, and ingenuity. However, not all students are able to experience this on a daily basis. In many cases Makerspace is only a "once a week" activity. My hope is to show that Making can be a daily activity in classrooms even if a school has a dedicated Makerspace. This is what we are working towards in Hawks Makerspace and I want to share our journey with educators to show that it is possible to use STEAM each and every day in our learning environments.

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