When you simply have to have the newest toy, you print it, reiterate it and just keep on going.
This is exactly what happened the day after the CYBERTRUCK unveiling!
As soon as the kids saw it, they just wanted it and thanks to our great friends at Tangilble Creative https://tangiblecreative.com and Ants In Africa http://www.antsinafrica.co.za we were able to start printing it shortly after.
Not only did this get all of us excited but also got us thinking about enhancements and accessories and we have a big surprise for you if you plan on attending the virtual faire with us so please bookmark this page and save the date for the unveiling!!
We look forward to seeing you and sharing in proper Maker fashion!

What inspired you to make this project?:
Tesla CYBERTRUCK unveiling and the possibilities the simple angular design delivered.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered and how did you address them?:
Oversize printing is not for the faint of heart! Everything had to be re-engineered over and over and when we thought we were done we realized we have to insert iron rods in the body in order to keep it together.

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Categories: 3D Printing and Imaging, At Home Learning, Making
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