Community Build Projects: Tips from the Trenches

From a set of giant light-up letters for the Obama White House, to a monumental 3D-printed sculpture of Rosie the Riveter, Jen has been the mastermind behind a growing list of interactive community build projects, inviting dozens - or sometimes hundreds - of collaborators from around the world building something together!

Whether you are interested in organizing your own community build effort, or just want to learn more about the magic (and madness) that happens behind the scenes, Jen shares her "tips from the trenches" about how to run successful and memorable collaborations.

You'll learn about some of the highlights and pitfalls of past projects, plus tips for recruiting and organizing other makers, coordinating build logistics, fundraising, and documenting and publicizing your project.

By engaging collaborators across disciplines and geographic borders, we're able to create something together no one individual could make alone - and the experience can be some of the most fun and rewarding making you've ever been part of!

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Categories: Art & Sculpture, Community Organizing
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