Public Libraries Print PPE: Design, Manufacture and Distribution for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Populations in Syracuse, NY

Working collaboratively with a local architect, Syracuse librarian has designed, and is now in midst of production, of a transparent front face mask for use by deaf and hearing-impaired populations, as well as for the organizations that support them. The libraries are supplying organizations such as Aurora of Central New York and the Deaf New American Coalition of Syracuse with this important PPE resource, ensuring that the needs of the community continue to be met during the Covid-19 pandemic. The design is currently the best available in its class on Thingiverse.com.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I love working as a librarian - it enables me to look for creative ways to use my skills to help someone else. My work is inspired by my community.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered and how did you address them?:
The biggest challenge was presented by delays in shipment of initial project supplies in midst of the pandemic lockdown. This was countered by coordination of supply purchase in partnership with SUNY Upstate Medical University and Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

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Categories: Design & Production, 3D Printing and Imaging, Health & PPE
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