OBS for Dummies (Like Me)

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free open source software for video recording and live streaming. With it, you can create professional-looking online content inexpensively and easily using multiple video and audio sources. Though it's typically been used by gamers, it can be a powerful tool for educators interested in presenting projects and classes online. However, the software can seem daunting to use, without a bit of help. In this workshop we'll cover the basics of using OBS to make effective, engaging content your students will love.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
Because I hobbling together a setup for live streaming, I really struggled with creating something that looked professional and let me change video input on the fly. The only way I had a chance was to record multiple pieces and edit them together, which was time-consuming and didn't provide the live stream experience my students really wanted. OBS solved all those problems for me. Though I am still learning, I've been thrilled with how much better my content is now.

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Categories: Teaching & Learning, At Home Learning, Webcasting
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