Remaking Camp in a Time of Pandemic

This year many educators will face challenges in offering camp programs, including those who traditional host Maker Camp programs at schools, libraries, and maker spaces. However, this can be an amazing opportunity to take camp online and create in new and exciting ways with technology. Regardless of your experience, you can make online experiences for kids that will put the sun and fun back into summer.

Led by Sandy Roberts, author of The Big Book of Maker Camp Projects and Family Maker Camp contributor, this workshop will empower educators to create their own safe, online camp experiences. With input from other educators from school, homeschools, and libraries this is a time to have your questions answered, share your ideas and brainstorm fantastic ways to engage yout camp kids.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
Many educators are really struggling not only with using technology to offer content but with the questions of how to off project-based contact online in ways that are really engaging and exciting to kids. Teachers were thrown into having to offer distance learning. Many camps in hard-hit regions have cancelled summer programming. The goal is to empower educators of ALL types to get out there, play, learn, experiment and create a new kind of Maker Camp experience for kids.

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