Small Change Arcade

40% sized mini Arcade cabinets with all original circuit boards and CRT monitors. Come learn what's inside an arcade game and play some classics.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I've always been into old school video games. I've owned many full sized cabinets over the years. I studied both Art/Design and Computer Science in college. I've worked as a carpenter, mechanic, and various other trade jobs. Arcade games happen to combine all of these skills together. After moving to a small studio apartment in San Francisco I did not want to give up my passion for arcade games, but I found I had no room for a full-sized cabinet. This was the genesis of the idea to make fully functional and visually faithful mini arcade cabinets. I built my first 40% sized cabinets in my apartment, vacuuming up saw dust after every cut. I now have a shop in Bay View and operate my games in the Bay Area. I also do Event Rentals. I love bringing my games out of my apartment and into the public so they can be played and enjoyed by everyone.

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Categories: Gaming, Art & Design, Electronics, Fabrication, Woodworking
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