Welcome to Planet Hugalot! Hug, please!

Welcome to Planet Hugalot!  Hug, please!

Far, far away, in a distant galaxy on the Planet Hugalot, a HugBot welcomes you to his planet with a big hug, a gesture of intergalactic peace.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I read an article in the newspaper about a woman in China whose job is to hug baby pandas at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center. What a cozy job! Around the same time, I saw Luc Besson's sci-fi movie Valerian, where in space, there is galactic peace, and aliens, human beings and other life forms greet each other with a handshake and a hug. I am an amateur astronomer and I have always imagined space to be peaceful and to have other life forms. This inspired me to create a furry alien called a HugBot from the fictional planet Hugalot. The HugBot's message is peace, welcoming earthlings and guests to his planet with a big, furry, cozy hug!