Manibus Project - Amenda Tate

In Latin, Manibus means “the hand.” I created the Manibus robotic painting device to utilize as a new artistic tool. A dancer wears a motion-sensing remote to prompt Manibus to paint an artistic depiction of the dynamics of movement.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I was inspired by an "Aha!" moment after seeing a ballet performance for one of the first times in my life as an adult. It was an emotionally resonant moment that simply ended once the curtain dropped. I wanted to be able to hold onto that moment - if even for a little bit longer. I wanted to translate the movement, energy, dynamics, and motion of dance into a format that could be sustained beyond the moment. I wanted another way with which to connect to the experience.

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Categories: Art & Design, Electronics, Kids & Family, Kinetic Art, Robotics