Terraform Tiny Homes

Terraform Tiny Homes

Terraform Three, a 54 sq ft self-sustaining micro-home. The house measures 6’ wide by 10’ long and 9’ high.

The home is self-sustaining, with solar power, water tanks, and a composting toilet. It has been lived in full time since Oct 2017.

What inspired you to make this project?:
In 2013, I was on my way home from work and was run over by a driver who was texting. The wreck shattered my femur, fibula, and ankle, and left me in recovery for the next year. While that was the worst year of my life it made me realize I don't want to work 40+ years of my life in a cube to retire at 65 and die at 66. The tiny house was a way for me to escape the rat race life and live intentionally. I started my first tiny home in September of 2015. Without any construction experience, I broke ground on a 250 sq ft tiny house on wheels. Over the next year, I worked day and night on it, learning everything from plumbing, to flooring, to cabinetry. In August of 2016, I decided I wanted to find a new place to put the big house. I turned a Honda Element into an off-grid stealth camper and took off around the country for four months. After returning to Texas I realized I liked the freedom the car gave much more than the comforts the big house provided. I decided to sell the big house and start on my current home. Terraform Three, a 54 sq ft, totally self-sustained micro home. With solar, water tanks, and a composting toilet, all I really need to live comfortably in this home is a bit of dirt to put it on and good weather.

Terraform Three has been my "Goldilocks" home. I have lived comfortably and traveled in the home for the last seven months and love it. Starting out I decided to build my first home for me, to live simply and sustainably, but early on in the project, I realized this home was not just for me, but for everyone wanting to live this kind of life. During both builds, I frequently taught workshops to give people hands-on experiences building homes. Have had over 15,000 people through my homes, and given many talks inspiring others to take control of their lives. It has been an amazing experience.

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