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The Magic Tool Bus

Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

May 18th-20th

Maker South: East Exhibit Vehicles

The Magic Tool Bus is a 24' retired metro shuttle bus being converted into a mobile maker lab and off-grid tiny home with solar electric power, laser cutter, CNC router, and plastic recycling machines. Come take a tour and see what we make and how!

Sam Smith Maker Picture

Sam Smith

Just living in a magic tool bus down by the river, trying to design open source systems to allow people to meet their needs for food, water, shelter, energy, information and care as easily as possible without ecological damage.
Claire Cassidy Maker Picture

Claire Cassidy

Claire wants to learn how to be a better dreamer and to push her nefarious agenda of sustainable abundant vulnerable living through hands on open-source everything and rigorous scheduling. Lasers and LEDs are her strongest love languages.

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