Live at
World Maker Faire 2016

When makers create tools that empower and inspire others to make things, they kick off a virtuous cycle. Join us for a conversation with Kickstarter creators who have built a diverse set of tools that are expanding the worlds of making and creativity.

Julio Terra

Julio Terra works closely with communities in the world of design and technology, helping creators and organizations bring projects and products to life on Kickstarter. Before joining Kickstarter, Julio produced interactive installations at the LAB at Rockwell Group, managed global marketing programs for large technology companies, and graduated from NYU’s ITP program in 2011.

Alex Klein

Alex has led Kano from ideation in its Kickstarter, to the design and development of its award­winning computer kit. He was inspired by a challenge from his six­year old cousin Micah – create a computer that anyone, any age, could build, "as simple and fun as Lego." Before Kano, Alex was a writer for Newsweek, The New Republic, New York Magazine, The Nation, other publications.

Daniela Paredes

Daniela Paredes is the co-founder of Gravity Sketch. Together with the team she has been challenging the standards and breaking the rules of 3D digital creation. By using engineering, science and design she focuses on creating products and experiences that will use technology to empower people to express themselves.

Alroy Almeida

Alroy's background in mechatronics engineering and industrial electronics led him to co-found Voltera - a desktop PCB fab and assembly tool. Voltera has been recognized as PopSci Invention of the Year, TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield Champs, and the James Dyson Design Award winner. Build hardware faster!