CircuiTricks is a do it yourself kit for school kids to draw out their own working electrical circuits using just pencil and paper! Making things like working guitars with just pencil lines, or working drums using drawings on paper are just the start

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Nirman Dave

I am 18 year old tech enthusiast who have developed over 200 open sourced computer programs along with exciting things like 3D chocolate printers. I wish empower kids through the technologies I make, therefore, CircuiTricks.

Sohil Patel

Sohil Patel is a 24 year old college graduate who dropped job at Google to benefit the Maker movement. He as curated events like Maker Fest in India and has workedon many open source hardware projects. He wishes to empower kids, so, CircuiTricks.

Ishan Patel

Ishaan Patel is a maker who has been enthusiastic about CircuiTricks since its start. He has worked along and helped us reach out to many kids across the nation.