Why Produce a Maker Faire?

Join the Global Maker Movement

You and your team are taking important steps to empower makers and connect the people and projects that will shape our future. Becoming a licensed Maker Faire provides access to a vibrant, diverse, and well-established international community of makers, as well as resources and support to make your faire successful. Learn more about Maker Faire the benefits of producing a Maker Faire in your community.

Tools and Support

We’ve learned a lot over the years, producing Maker Faires in the Bay Area, New York, and other cities. And, we’ve helped hundreds of other producers, organizations, and communities do it too. When you become a licensed Maker Faire producer you gain access to this ever-growing know-how and to the community that innovates it in real time.

Producer Community

The global network of Maker Faire organizers is an active community willing to share best practices, suggest solutions, and provide peer-to-peer support. We offer digital and live meet-ups and workshops for producers to meet and exchange ideas.


We’ve learned a lot building Maker Faire over the past 16 years, and we share these tools and know-how with our Maker Faire network. Assets include a variety of best-practice playbooks, a custom Maker Faire WordPress theme, ticket platforms, contracts, surveys, online forums and informative sessions, and a direct line to the Maker Faire team at Make: Community.

Custom Website

For an additional one-time development cost, you will receive a Maker Faire WordPress themed website complete with Call for Makers backend system, custom pages to display all exhibits/maker projects, sponsors, event schedule, and automated individual pages for each exhibitor/maker project. We offer on-boarding website training, tech support office hours, and additional consultation catered to your teams needs.


As a licensed Maker Faire, your faire will be listed on our website and map. Faire producers are encouraged to write and share stories about their communities, makers, and projects on our website, magazine, in newsletters and on social media.

Logo & Marketing Support

Each faire is delivered a Maker Faire logo set, identity guidelines, and information on the best practices for marketing and promoting your faire.


We offer a producer discount to our Maker Shed online store where you can purchase our best-in-category books, kits, Maker Faire branded swag (stickers, lanyards, patches), Learn to Solder pins, project guides, and more.

Maker Faire has been one of the largest sparks across the Rochester and Western New York maker community. Since the faire has started, we’ve seen more collaborations between programmers and artists, companies launch and expand, and people from all over the world visiting Rochester. Just within the education sector, we’ve seen that schools from all across the region have started to integrate more hands-on learning after attending their first Maker Faire.
Dan Schneiderman
PRODUCER, Maker Faire Rochester

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