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From tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers, Maker Faire is where novices and experts of all ages come together to show what they’ve made and share what they’ve learned. A community built on curiosity, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

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Celebrate innovation, spark creativity, share skills, and connect the people and projects that are shaping the future by establishing a Maker Faire in your community, city, or region.

Maker Faires are happening in person and virtually all year long across the globe. Make something, share your passion, learn a new skill, and get inspired at Maker Faire!

Collaborative, innovative, generative, and fun! School Maker Faire is a platform for students to show & tell what they’ve been making, share what they’re learning, and inspire their school community. 

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Want to hack the world? Make: is there to guide, challenge, and celebrate you along the way. A global leader of the Maker Movement, we publish magazines and books on everything from magic to microchips; help maker educators develop and deliver hands-on learning in the classroom and beyond; galvanize a global network of Maker Faires that show the work of makers; and empower humans everywhere to solve real-world problems, develop their voice and skills, and work together to build the future.

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