Makers of West Africa


Anna Waldman-Brown from the Fab Lab Foundation and Ghana Fab Lab and Sename Koffi, founder of WoeLab in Togo, will discuss the maker movement throughout West Africa and its contribution to sustainable development. There is a long history of making in Africa, where 75% of the population work in informal industries such as small-scale manufacturing. Now, the Maker Movement and community maker spaces are springing up across the continent to provide public access to tools like programmable electronics and digital manufacturing, which democratize creation and support entrepreneurship.

How to Transform a Container into a Makerspace


We invited makers from all around the world and fellows from Afrimakers to spend one month in Berlin, attend the first MakerCamp in Europe and build the first makerspace in a shipping container in Germany. The makers used the space they built for prototyping meaningful maker projects and for organizing many workshops and events for the local community. The container, the furniture and space were documented in 3d and all our projects were documented and shared here: >a href=">/a>. We had more than 15 learning modules in our MakerCamp and 5 project were created and demo-ed at the end of the camp (

Cases for Makerspaces


Explore how Maker Ed's vision of "Every Child a Maker" extends to providing more opportunities for youth in a surprising variety of makerspaces. All children, who are all born makers, deserve and need time and places to play, learn, and make. We will discuss ways of starting, share a a large variety of examples and makerspace types, from the traditional to non-traditional. Together, let's make the case for making space.

Makers and Makerspaces in Disaster Zones


Having spent the last ten years in developing countries, I have witnessed how everyone effected by a disaster in this environment is forced to become a maker. 4.5 years ago we responded to this observation by putting in the first maker space in Haiti.

Making Education: Finding New Ways to Educate and Excite across All Diciplines


The maker classroom should not be limited to STEM (or STEAM), rather it should embrace all disciplines in an attempt to produce a cross-curricular culture of investigation, imagination and creation. It is an idea, a philosophy, and a change to the current state of our education system. Through this newfound interest how the world around us works, students are excited to learn, regardless of the course. Come and find out ways you can bring the excitement of making into your classroom!

Making is Design


SITU Studio will present the process of designing, fabricating, and installing the new 10,000 sq ft permanent exhibition space at the New York Hall of Science. Split evenly between a studio and workshop space, SITU fully integrates design and making into its practice. Design Lab is a series of five activity areas designed to host an array of STEM and project-based learning activities. Conceived of as sites to foster and promote problem ideation, tinkering, testing, and displaying results - the architecture is intended to be integral to the types of critical discovery and making that is so crucial to the design process.

Why Education Needs the Maker Movement (and What You Can Do About It)


Making is completely transforming the way kids learn. It is engaging kids in new levels and offering exciting new models to educators. In this presentation from the Director of Programming and Innovation at Edutopia, we'll see some inspiring stories from the front lines of innovation -- how kids of all backgrounds are taking ownership over their learning, deepening their inquiry, and spreading their passion for making to others. We'll also learn some specific take-away tips for how to effectively initiate a maker program in your local school or community. n

Open Portfolios: A Hands-On Discussion


Inspiring others to remix the projects you made by sharing online portfolios has become a large part of making. What do you need to consider when creating portfolio practices that work? In this hands-on presentation, we play with DIY documentation stations and discuss open maker portfolios. Learn about the Maker Ed Open Portfolio Project and about what we learned from the amazing community of makers around their practices!n

Educational Makerspaces: Re-Inventing the Learning Experience


A look at best practices and examples of makerspaces and programs specifically in education spaces (K-12 and College. How these programs can enhance traditional learning and how educational spaces differ from traditional makerspaces. Examples will be from the Dallas Area as we are a thriving maker community with ~10 k-12 makerspaces, a thriving university space (SMU Innovation GYM), and one of the countries largest community makerspaces (Dallas Makerspace)

Nova Labs Maker Space


Nova Labs is a non-profit, community-run Maker Space in Reston, VA. It was named ''One of the Most Interesting Maker Spaces in America'' by Make Magazine.


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