How to Make the Biggest Family Tree Ever


We're in the midst of a revolution in family history. Thanks to the Internet and DNA, we can now make family trees with MILLIONS of people. This is the ultimate social network. My tree has 78 million people on it, including everyone from Abe Lincoln to Gwyneth Paltrow. With all these relatives, I will be holding the Global Family Reunion in June of 2015 right here at the NYSCI.

Making is Design


SITU Studio will present the process of designing, fabricating, and installing the new 10,000 sq ft permanent exhibition space at the New York Hall of Science. Split evenly between a studio and workshop space, SITU fully integrates design and making into its practice. Design Lab is a series of five activity areas designed to host an array of STEM and project-based learning activities. Conceived of as sites to foster and promote problem ideation, tinkering, testing, and displaying results - the architecture is intended to be integral to the types of critical discovery and making that is so crucial to the design process.

Wikipedia Pavilion


A hackerspace of ideas for the ''free encyclopedia anyone can edit'', with skill share for Wikipedia and free knowledge, edit-a-thon for undercovered topics, and multimedia corner for photos, video and audio by participants.

Connecting: Makers Documentary Screening


In conversations with culture and thought leaders, Connecting: Makers examines how the connected world is changing the nature of creativity. When everyone is a maker, new possibilities emerge, but with them come new responsibilities about digital transparency, cultural awareness, and the role of the designer.
Connecting: Makers is second in the Connecting Series, short films exploring trends in interaction and experience design. Produced by Microsoft Design and Bassett & Partners

Textiles in the Tech Space/Hacker Space


Textiles in the Tech Space/Hacker SpacennSewing, knitting, embroidery... many of these occupations are considered old fashioned and purely crafty. Certainly not things associated with the "tech space". Creating a niche for these arts in traditionally tech-heavy hackerspaces poses challenges and has considered rewards for crafters and techies alike. This is my story about what it was like to blend these two things I love so much in my communities.

Punk Rock and the Origins of the Maker Movement


Everything you see today in the maker movement of the web basically had its origins in the Zine culture of the '80s punk rock movement. Creating your own labels was entrepreneurship of that day — through democratization and technology came the idea of the long tail of music. The idea was that you didn't have to adhere to the mass production model of the traditional entertainment industry. You could go your own way. That was all part of the punk scene. That's where I grew up, and I've basically been following that model ever since.

The Future is Already Here


SciFi thriller writer Daniel Suarez (Daemon, Freedom TM) takes the maker movement to its edges. DIY tech like 3D printing and drones become main characters, and the power of the maker is cast in alternately utopian and dystopian light. Join publisher Tim O'Reilly in probing for Suarez's more recent insights into the near (and present) future.


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