Community-based, independently produced Maker Faires are happening all over the globe. For more information on starting a Mini Maker Faire where you live, see How to Make a Maker Faire.

This map is color-coded to reflect various levels of Maker Faires:

  • Yellow Dot Yellow = Flagship faires
  • Red Dot Red = Featured, larger-scale faires produced in collaboration with Maker Faire
  • Blue Dot Blue = Current Mini Maker Faires—smaller-scale, community-produced events
  • Purple Dot Purple = Past events (no longer recurring)

For more information on how to start a Mini Maker Faire in your community, please see How to Make a Maker Faire.

**Add the Maker Faire Calendar to your GCal or Outlook or iCal by URL:

Upcoming 2016 Maker Faires

Completed 2016 Maker Faires

The 151 Maker Faires of 2015

The 131 Maker Faires of 2014

The 100 Maker Faires of 2013

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