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Photo by Mark Madeo

As leaders in the Maker Movement, we are dedicated to celebrating and inspiring Makers. We are particularly interested in how this approach might reach students who don’t fit well into the existing system or who have already dropped out of it.

At Maker Faire, there are no winners or losers — anything that’s cool is fair game. It’s not a competition, and there aren’t prizes, so there are no judges deciding who has succeeded and who has failed. Yet Makers — some with two PhDs, others who never graduated from anywhere — are motivated to spend long hours in their studios, shops, kitchens, and garages finishing their projects.


Photo by Mark Madeo

Makers work in art, craft, engineering, music, food, science, technology, health, and often in several of these areas at once. Their projects are thoughtful, challenging, and innovative. But most importantly, we notice that all Makers are curious and motivated people.

Impact Areas

  • Inspiration : to participate in the creative economy and direct their own future
  • Innovation : a catalyst for grassroots invention
  • Education : building a connection between the community and learners

Students who come to Maker Faire will:

  • Meet, interact, and converse with individual Makers, who are sharing their unique passions
  • Become exposed to the wide breadth of art, science, engineering, history, and interdisciplinary subject areas that all involve making
  • Experience live performances and demonstrations
  • Engage in hands-on workshops and activities, resulting in a project to take home
  • Collaborate on a large community project and share experiences with other attendees
  • Become exposed to, and feel welcomed and supported in, the Maker community
  • Be inspired with at least one new idea to try at home or in school
  • Feel excited to make every day a making day, and to return the next day, later in the year to a local mini Maker Faire, and again to Maker Faire Bay Area next year!
CLASS PACK PREP MATERIALS: We have put together materials to prepare for your visit, including handouts and overviews to get an idea of what you’ll see. Read about its contents here or download it here.