Flying Penguin


Flying Penguin is a game that encourages children with asthma between the ages of 5 and 8 to practice breathing. The goal of this game is to make a skiing penguin jump as far as possible by blowing on the beak whistle.

Bash the Trash


Bash the Trash makes musical instruments from garbage! BTT uses science to build better instruments, while working with the cheapest materials possible. Help us make some new noisemakers, and learn how to build your own!

ScrapKins Ship Builder!


Arrrr Mateys! Transform an ordinary milk carton into your own floatable pirate ship and sail it on the ScrapKins Waterway! Will it float? Will it survive the rapids? Come see the magic you can make from Recycled Materials!

Puppet Phactory’s Hack-A-Puppet


Puppets are cool, junk is all around - it's the perfect storm. Let's make junk into puppets! Puppet Phactory creates puppets, masks, sculptures and stories with found objects; our Hack-a-Puppet event is one way we help other



We will have a silver box and a similarly scaled model TARDIS on a table, positioned any way the user likes. When a large, chunky switch is thrown, the TARDIS will disappear, reappearing in place of the silver box.



PicassoBot, an open source drawing arm robot that can take pictures from the computer or an Android camera and sketch them on paper. USB powered and Arduino compatible, this robot kit is perfect for learning at all ages.



Modio: build, modify and print to PLAY. Modio is the new app that lets you build and modify incredible creatures and characters then easily print them for play using a desktop 3D printer. Come create at the Modio booth!


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