Carbon Origins


Carbon Origins is a start up aerospace company with the goal to make space commonplace. They are currently developing the next generation of suborbital rockets designed to carry small to mid-sized payloads to space. At Maker Faire they are launching an



Integreight develops novel products for the electronic hobbyists and education market. 1Sheeld is the first product, a new hardware gadget comes with an app. that turns your smart phone into any Arduino shield, it recently hit more than 800% of its goal on Kickstarter. The second product is a Smart breadboard that enables you to connect between components on a breadboard without using jumper wires.

Nuts & Volts/ServoMag


Nuts & Volts is the leading magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. There now remain only a few magazines written for the electronics community with Nuts & Volts being the highest readership, longest running electronics publication left in the US today. We also have readers and advertisers that have been with us since the early 80s. Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience and spans such topics as Arduino projects, Raspberry Pi projects, amateur robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, microcontrollers, data acquisition, new technology, DIY projects, electronic theory, and more, not to mention the popular BASIC Stamp. We're looking forward to meeting you so stop by booth 307 and say hello!

Not Impossible: Hardware & Hacking for the Sake of Humanity


Not Impossible's panel, "Technology for the sake of humanity," will feature a discussion of the increasing opportunities for companies and individuals to harness the power of the maker/hacker community to develop solutions to seemingly insurmountable human challenges. Mick Ebeling, CEO and Co-Founder of Not Impossible will kick off the conversation with a presentation on Project Daniel: Using 3D printers to make arms and hands for children of war in Sudan. Project Daniel serves as a true case study for what is possible when you match creative problem solvers and brilliant technical minds with real-world health issues.

10 Wifi Projects with Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi loves Wifi. Using it to scan wifi traffic is fun and educational. With a few off the shelf components the possibilities, and projects, are endless
This presentation will cover mobile and in-home projects including:nn* Record and analyze wifi trafficn* Identify nearby access points and clientsn* Listen for rogue access points and scannersn* Use a spectrum analyzer to watch wifi signalsn

Gertie the jumping robot


Gertie is an egg-like robot that moves around by jumping! His outside is make out of silicone so that it squashes and stretches as it moves around. Swing by and button mash the hacked wireless buttons and watch them jump!

Technology of Total Control Lighting LEDs


Benjamin James will demonstrate various aspects of Total Control Lighting, a line of individually addressable LEDs. Attendees will learn about RGB LED serial protocol lighting technology, how to use our open-source libraries and free software to program patterns and capture live video input, and how to use Arduino shields to make their projects interactive.

Teach Kids To Code: one girl’s journey with Raspberry Pi


Alexandra Jordan (9 years old) and her dad Richard Jordan will talk through the inexpensive setup for teaching kids to code:
Raspberry Pin- Software tools (including vim, ruby)n- $10 keyboard and mousen- household TV / old monitornnA few rigs like this and you can make a difference in your local community. Take home our lesson plan:
how computers workn- basic unix commandsn- simple text editorn- scripting in rubyn- testing coden- programming for the webnn...all while learning good habits of Pair Programming & Test Driven Development. We will set up a website for Maker Faire with lesson plan & code samples for download.

Got Robots?


Got Robots? We do, amongst them Glider, a six-legged robot with the ability to both skate and walk, a Halloween Monster Shooting Gallery, and a global army of shoulder sitting monkeys...


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