Circus Warehouse


In 2 shows per day our nimble and fearless acrobats will be flying overhead, defying gravity, and making aerial art for you! After each show, there will be a chance for the kids to try aerial arts for themselves.

Makers of West Africa


Anna Waldman-Brown from the Fab Lab Foundation and Ghana Fab Lab and Sename Koffi, founder of WoeLab in Togo, will discuss the maker movement throughout West Africa and its contribution to sustainable development. There is a long history of making in Africa, where 75% of the population work in informal industries such as small-scale manufacturing. Now, the Maker Movement and community maker spaces are springing up across the continent to provide public access to tools like programmable electronics and digital manufacturing, which democratize creation and support entrepreneurship.

Raspberry Pi: Digital Creativity


Clive Beale (Director of Educational Development) and Rachel Rayns (Creative Producer) from the Raspberry Pi Foundation will talk about how the Raspberry Pi is being used for digital creativity, how we are supporting this and our plans for the future. There will be a chance for Q & A.

How to Transform a Container into a Makerspace


We invited makers from all around the world and fellows from Afrimakers to spend one month in Berlin, attend the first MakerCamp in Europe and build the first makerspace in a shipping container in Germany. The makers used the space they built for prototyping meaningful maker projects and for organizing many workshops and events for the local community. The container, the furniture and space were documented in 3d and all our projects were documented and shared here: >a href=">/a>. We had more than 15 learning modules in our MakerCamp and 5 project were created and demo-ed at the end of the camp (

21st Century Robot: The Dr. Simon Egerton Stories


In this fascinating book, Intel's futurist-in-residence Brian David Johnson provides a collection of science fiction prototyping stories that focus on the same theme: scientists and thinkers exploring personal robotics as a new form of artificial intelligence.

truTV’s Hack My Life


Join hosts of truTV's Hack My Life, Kevin Pereira and Brooke van Poppelen, as they talk about how this new show came to be. Who knew that what started off as an idea on the internet could turn into a television show! nCome meet Kevin & Brooke, learn some hacks from the show and even be part of our live hacker demo competition. Hack My Life coming to truTV January 2015.

Being Human in a Digital World: Lessons from the Intersections of Technology and Culture


As the Director of User Experience Research in Intel Labs, Bell leads a team of social scientists, interaction designers, human factors engineers and computer scientists. Bell will share how her and her team's approach has fundamentally altered the way Intel envisions and plans its products so that they are centered on people's needs rather than simply silicon capabilities.

The Future of Toys


Toymakers talk about making Toys, using nu-manufacturing and maker tools. From Home-made to Hasbro, we'll be telling stories about how toys are made, can be made and will be made in the future, and how you can invent, make, and manufacture toys too.

Control your Arduino with Smartphone easily with Annikken Andee


Wouldn't it be great to control your Arduino projects with your Smart devices (Android and iOS) with minimal effort? Annikken Andee is your gateway to achieve that! nAnnikken Andee is an Arduino shield that communicates with your smartphone. Using the Library for the Arduino IDE and the App downloadable from the App store/Google Play, you can create beautiful GUI on your mobile phone.
No App programming is required - because we've taken care of it!

The Maker City


There is a great deal of activity that's happening in urban environments across the country, often driven by forces such as a new urbanism: millennials prefer to live in cites over suburbs. Correspondingly, there's a burgeoning movement towards vocational education that emphasizes coding or maker skills over traditional liberal arts education. Fostering creativity and idea collisions amplify this activity. Examples of initiatives driven by real-estate developers, start-ups, cities, economic development bureaus, and the federal government abound. Oakland and Brooklyn have remarkable maker and arts cultures, many smaller cities seem to have a real hunger and aptitude for a maker economy to emerge. It's clear there is a great desire to accelerate all this and create jobs, even as we can't define what all this is, or exactly what skills will lead to what jobs. What kind of coordinated action can be made to accelerate and sustain the new Maker City?

With special gues, Eric Gertler, Executive Vice President of the New York Economic Development Corporation.

Does Being a Maker Matter?


What role can making play in developing a generation know for their gracious professionalism and ability to actively make a difference in the world around them? Woodie and AnnMarie will discuss how being a maker allows us to mix technology and society in a way that relates to the concept of a liberal education for the 21st Century.


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