Maker Faire Rome 2023


Storykube is the Safe AI assistant for professionals. With its advanced writing capabilities, it revolutionizes the content creation process, enabling greater productivity and efficiency to impress customers with a high-quality product. It elevates visual brand identity through sophisticated image generation technology, as well as creating eye-catching graphics to stand out from the competition. It streamlines workflow and obtains valuable information with the powerful document analysis tool, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. Increase your productivity with Storykube.
Storykube - Maker Faire

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STORYKUBE S.R.L. Maker Photo


Ottavio Fogliata: CEO @ Storykube, AI Specialist, Senior Software Engineer Sara Riscica: CDO @ Storykube, Senior UI/UX Designer Filippo Satolli: Advisor @ Storykube, Digital Entrepreneur