Maker Faire Rome 2023

REACT - Heartbeat dynamic monitor

VO2 is a commonly used index to notify users of their fitness level, which, when measured with wearable devices, can, however, provide inaccurate assessments due to the low quantity and quality of recorded data. To overcome this problem, we have developed REACT, a biosignal processing method based on artificial intelligence algorithms, to characterize heart rate dynamics in real time while providing a personalized tool to support training and cardiovascular risk reduction.

REACT - Heartbeat dynamic monitor - Maker Faire

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Marco De Spirito Maker Photo

Marco De Spirito

Marco De Spirito is Full Professor of Applied Physics, Director of the Center for Applied Biotechnologies for Cosmetology and Head of the Microscopy Laboratory of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Author of over 250 scientific publications, he has directed his scientific interest to the development of non-invasive optical methodologies for applications in the medical, biotechnological and cosmetic fields.

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