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Open IoT

Open IoT is my idea of ​​home automation. This project wants to give hobbyists and professionals the possibility to create their own home automation system, providing them with IoT devices that are as compact as possible and Arduino compatible. All strictly open-source and open-hardware. Domotica open wants to offer the flexibility of an Arduino board with Wi-Fi connectivity in a ready-to-use device, the devices already available are Wi-Fi Relay, Wi-Fi Encoder, Wi-Fi T/H Sensor and Wi-Fi LED Driver -Fi. The devices are equipped with ESP32/ESP8266 which makes them extremely powerful, versatile and compatible with a wide range of tools such as the Arduino ecosystem, HomeAssistant etc. As already mentioned, these devices are ready for use, i.e. they are equipped with an on-board power supply which makes them suitable for connection to a domestic system with a form factor which allows them to be installed in common flush-mounting boxes. With a special USB adapter it is possible to load your own firmware via Arduino IDE, PlatformIO etc. in order to adapt the device to the most varied needs.
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Open IoT - Maker Faire

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Christian  Iannella Maker Photo

Christian Iannella

I'm Christian, a maker with a passion for electronics and programming, I've recently become interested in home automation and I've decided to start the Open IoT project.

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