Maker Faire Rocklin 2023

Nathaniel Segal

Home: California, United States

Check out Nathaniel Segal's interactive magic show! Using his background in engineering, math, and theater he creates original magic that will certainly leave you baffled! Stick around and see his newest creation Magic Fluxes, a double sided magnet?
Nathaniel Segal - Maker Faire Rocklin


Nathaniel Segal Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Nathaniel Segal

Nathaniel Segal is a designer and magician with a degree in applied mathematics and theater from UC Berkeley. He is a member of the World Famous Magic Castle and has appeared on the show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. His work has been published in Math Horizons and he has given multiple talks at the biennial Gathering 4 Gardener conference. Nathaniel currently is performing his newest magic production Revelations and is the designer of the magnetic toy Magic Fluxes.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I have been performing magic my whole life and I started to use my background in math and engineering to create a magical toy

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