Maker Faire Calgary 2023

Integrate drones

Home: Alberta, Canada

Building a DIY UAV can be a challenging and rewarding hobby, allowing individuals to learn about aerodynamics, electronics, and radio control. Additionally, DIY UAVs can offer a cost-effective alternative to commercial options and can be customized to meet the specific needs

Integrate drones - Maker Faire Calgary


Michael Ma Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Michael Ma

I'm passionate with Drone technology. With our diligent and smart team in Calgary, Canada, we provide LiDAR Integration Product and drone based optical, thermal and lidar services in Oil & Gas, Forestry and government etc. Since leaving school as GIS Postdoctoral Fellow from University of Saskatchewan in January 2013, I joined current Western Heritage (founded in 1990 by eight Archaeologists Veterans) as a GIS software developer. Currently as Manager and Board Member, I'm responsible for Drone & GIS Project and business development. Beside work, I love to go to church, accompany with my three lovely kids and play basketball with good friends.

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