Maker Faire Pioneer Valley 2023

Halloween/ art masks

Home: Massachusetts, United States

I make a new and unique kind of Halloween mask- a mask that has full and unobstructed vision- you can see everything yet you can’t be seen, or can you?- a mask that comfortable to wear and easy to breathe - each mask has hand painted creatures/characters/ monsters/ and whatz itz ?? You won’t see the old familiar Halloween characters with my masks - no vampires, clowns, skulls and such - instead people will wonder… what are you ? Creepy, weird, and confusing and without a doubt… FUN !

Halloween/ art  masks - Maker Faire Pioneer Valley


Dan Manson Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Dan Manson

I am dan manson I am a Northampton native I feel I’ve always been a maker of ”things “ As a child I have a memory of wanting a jigsaw for my birthday… so I guess it’s just has gone on from there. My work background is construction, furniture/ cabinetmaker, store display window dressing, with an emphasis on design and installation - some would call it installation art . For play.. I’m a cyclist - deep roots in mt. Biking and now transitioning to the road. What I make is forever changing . I’m not stuck on one thing that I make, and all my work experiences have exposed me to a variety of different materials Sculpture, furniture,abstract art, creatures, Concrete pots and planters, one of a kind birdhouses,all things Halloween and more- there are no rules and it’s ok to paint outside the lines- I just enjoy making and creating things for the home , garden,or utility or just for fun- I don’t really have a choice- it’s just what I do , I make things..and if what I make turns

What Inspired You to Make This?

I have get out there- I want to start doing good events and this sounds like a great one to get involved in

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