Maker Faire Coney Island 2023

Going In Circles

Home: New York, United States

We’ll start with a round and blank button. And that's where you will apply somethin’. Maybe words or some graphics. They will all be fantastic! When we see you at Coney Isle struttin’.

Going In Circles - Maker Faire Coney Island


Jonette Jamison Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Jonette Jamison

Hello there, my name is Jonette. I am Muslim, a native New Yorker and mother to four adult children. I developed an interest in crafting as an adult unexpectedly while shopping in a variety store. For some reason I was awed by the brilliant colors of the beauty and houseware products and visualized how I could use them for craft projects. A few months later, I saw a magazine ad about the Badge-A-Minit button machine. It mentioned that buttons could be used in various ways and I knew it would be ideal for my craft projects. However, after buying it I discovered how much my children enjoyed making buttons. I began to offer my button making service for children's birthday parties, at street fairs and other festive events. Although I'm employed as a civil servant, I will always indulge in my button making hobby.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I'm a crafter who likes working with paper, fabric and wood. I like the versatility of buttons that they can accommodate those materials.