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Gloomhaven (Board Game) by Cephalofair Games

Home: California, United States

We are Cephalofair Games, a crowdfunding company and independent publisher of 'Epic Strategy' modern tabletop games. Our flagship title, Gloomhaven, drops players into a fully collaborative fantasy adventure full of strategic card based combat, including 100's of scenarios, unlockable characters, narrative decisions, and more! Come learn more about the world of tabletop publishing!
Gloomhaven (Board Game) by Cephalofair Games - Maker Faire Rocklin


Price Johnson Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Price Johnson

My name is Price Johnson - Rocklin resident, father of 2, husband, and Chief Operating Officer of Cephalofair Games. Over the last 6 years I've taken my passion for table top games from hobby to full-time entrepreneurship, developing Cephalofair Games form an single owner company into a team of 7 tackling marketing, sales, design & development, art & graphic design, customer service, and more. Having raised $27M+ on websites like Kickstarter & Backerkit, we now sell our games internationally in over a dozen languages and have made the leap into video games, releasing digital versions for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. Come learn what the world of modern tabletop gaming has to offer!

What Inspired You to Make This?

A love for high strategy board games!

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