Maker Faire WNY Regional 2023

Ghostbusters 716 Prop Building

Home: New York, United States

We are Ghostbusters 716, a charity group and Ghostcorp Franchise located in Buffalo NY and the WNY area. We volunteer, raise money and awareness for other local charities, make appearances at events and parades, help and teach.

Ghostbusters 716 Prop Building - Maker Faire WNY Regional


Ghostbusters 716 Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Ghostbusters 716

Ghostbusters 716 began in February 2019 out of a love for ghostbusters and doing charity work. We volunteer, raise money and awareness for local charities, and appear at events and in parades.


What Inspired You to Make This?

Adam savage and ghostbusters We’d even be willing to do a 30 minute Ted talk kind of presentation on the inspiration and building of the card board proton pack

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