Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Foxglove Instruments

Home: California, United States

A menagerie of handmade electronic and electroacoustic instruments including: – meqanun: a robotic, electric, 12-string zither – fluxharmonium: a digitally controlled, electromechanical synthesizer made from the guts of a Hammond Organ Visitors will be able to interact with these instruments using: – Pedestrial Activator: an organ foot pedal MIDI controller – Bandy: a series of simple web based video games visitors play on their mobile devices which activate a machine learning algorithm to create musical phrases played by the instruments. Topics covered by the project: Instrument building, wood working, MIDI, custom electronics and microcontrollers (Teensy/Arduino/RP2040/CircuitPython), and machine learning in music.
Foxglove Instruments - Maker Faire Bay Area

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Thadeus Frazier-Reed Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Thadeus Frazier-Reed

Thadeus Frazier-Reed is an interactive designer, composer, and creative technologist who experiments with hand-built instruments, generative systems, machine learning, and music.

What Inspired You to Make This?

As a composer I love to explore new ways to make sound and as an instrumentalist I believe that the physicality of the instrument directly influences the sounds that are made. I have spent years working to combine physical devices, control systems, and musical sound for use by trained musicians and the general public to interact with sound in new ways. Foxglove instruments creates novel musical instruments that combine ideas from acoustic instrument building, electronics, robotics, and the rich history of experimental music technology. These instruments are inspired by instrument designs from all time periods and cultures.

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