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Dalla ricerca all’impresa: Flying Demon e radioattività

Flying Demon s.r.l. was founded by young researchers in physics as a university spinoff after winning the #ETEC-Second edition contest, proposed by ENAC to fund innovative startups. The company's core business is radiometric safety, which is ensured through rapid, non-invasive drone surveys of large areas, including hard-to-reach zones. To achieve this goal, the company is developing technologically advanced, compact, and portable detectors for in-situ and real-time measurements.
Dalla ricerca all’impresa: Flying Demon e radioattività - Maker Faire

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Flying Demon s.r.l. Maker Photo

Flying Demon s.r.l.

The entrepreneurial group that founded Flying Demon s.r.l. consists of Francesco Giordano, full professor at the University of Bari, serving as the company's sole administrator, and the founding partners Corrado Altomare, Davide Serini, and Leonardo Di Venere, researchers at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN); Serena Loporchio, researcher at the Polytechnic University of Bari; and Annalisa Mastroserio, associate professor at the University of Foggia.

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