Worry Capsule Tree

Worry Capsule Tree is an interactive installation that stores people’s current worries and sends them back in the future, thus allowing its users to retrieve their previous worries and revisit the past selves.

What inspired you to make this project?:
The original idea of Worry Capsule Tree comes from one of the two creators Hau Yuan's desire to release daily stress by keeping his anxiety into a certain device. Both of the creators Xiran and Hau liked the concept of storing current anxiety and retrieve it in the future. It, on one hand, helps release the stress we have now, and on the other hand, also provides us with a chance to re-visit the past selves and see how much we have overcome and grown.
The creators decided to make this "device" a tree because trees have the ability absorb substances from the environment and convert it to nutritious fruits. They think it is a metaphor for transforming people’s anxiety to their assets in the future. Capsules also have the image of storing important memories. Therefore, they decided to build a interactive worry capsule tree which can respond to the users and store their worries.

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Categories: Arduino, Art & Design, Fabrication