TOBOR - The Gigantic Robotic Dinosaur!

TOBOR is a larger-than-life robotic dinosaur with wireless remote control that can pick things up and be driven around! TOBOR was built to showcase the many talents of our instructors at the NCC Fab Lab in Bethlehem, PA.

What inspired you to make this project?:
We, as instructors of the NCC Fab Lab, wanted to make a really cool project as a team to have something to demonstrate all the different skills we have here. One of our instructors, Peter Lowe, entered a 6-inch robotic arm with haptic feedback into Maker Faire Bay Area 2015. We decided to make that a 6-foot robotic arm with haptic feedback and rushed to put it together in 7 weeks to get it ready in time for Maker Faire Bay Area 2015. Since then we've done many improvements to it, including adding the dinosaur body.

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Categories: Robotics, Arduino, Education, Engineering, Makerspaces
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