Cocoa Press Chocolate 3D Printer project image

Cocoa Press Chocolate 3D Printer

World Maker Faire 2017

September 23rd-24th

Maker Depot: Future of Food Exhibit 3D Printing Ribbon Recipient

Cocoa Press is a 3D printer that prints in chocolate. It features a pneumatic syringe, milled aluminum extruder and a solid state chocolate cooling system. To print, insert a chocolate bar and Cocoa Press will take care of the rest!

Evan Weinstein Maker Picture

Evan Weinstein

Evan Weinstein is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His love of engineering began at an early age with the Lego Mindstorms RCX kit and he now works in an additive manufacturing lab at school.

Future Food Institute Showcase Maker

Future Food, an ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future, connecting with world’s food hub.

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