CentriSeed Innovations: Generation and Restoration

CentriSeed Innovations: Generation and Restoration

Stony Brook University's CentriSeed Innovations is proud to present its Bike Generator, demonstrating the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical, and a model of its Restorative Floating Garden, featuring floating plants that fight algal blooms.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Our goal is to utilize the skills of Stony Brook University students to implement community improvement projects on campus and beyond, mainly focusing on promoting environmental sustainability.
The Restorative Floating Garden project came about from the increased concern regarding algal blooms in our university’s pond. Roth Pond is one of the most well known landmarks of Stony Brook University, hosting the locally televised Roth Regatta, a race in which students in boats made of cardboard and duct tape try to cross the pond. Unfortunately, Roth Pond was afflicted with bacteria that have stolen its beauty. Blue-Green algae threatened the annual buzz surrounding Roth Regatta and has sparked the conversation for improvement. In our goal to improve the world around us and offer our skills to help the environment, SBU CentriSeed Innovations aimed not only to restore the Pond to health, but also to improve its aesthetics and as a result create a sustainable solution for the algae problem.
For the Bike Generator, we wanted to provide a physical demonstration of the amount of energy it takes to power everyday objects such as light bulbs. Many people take readily available electricity for granted but do not consider the consequences of energy production. This project aims to showcase just that.

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