Live at
World Maker Faire 2017

MEOW helps those who are deaf or hard of hearing by visually representing music through technology by using the Intel Curie.

MI-Pin is a Multipurpose Interchangeable electronic fashion pin.

E-Plant is an interactive plant. And much more . . .

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Elizabeth Vicarte

In the past four years I have attended with my sister in several Vex competitions, of which we went once to Worlds, and Maker Faires, including the 2016 National Maker Faire. We also won first place in the first Toy 2.0 Challenge sponsored by Hexbugs

Stephanie Vicarte

I'm a young maker that has spent the past four years working with my sister to design then build robots and various other projects in my free time at home. I enjoy seeing what I can achieve when I combine my creativity with technology.