DIY Vintage Film Restoration with a Pi or DSLR

Transfer old home movies to HD video, with professional-level quality. Use a modified projector, and either a Raspberry Pi & Camera; or for higher quality, a Canon DSLR with open-source firmware. Rescue those priceless memories from the attic!

What inspired you to make this project?:
The project was inspired by my attempts, with the help of my photographer cousin, to digitally restore about 150 reels of my grandfather's home movies, shot from the 1930s through the 70s. I've always loved the tactile, physical nature of old media like film. Restoring these old movies so I can share them with relatives feels like stepping back in time. I've been continually surprised at how much of their beauty is still evident after as long as 75 years.
My granddad - a self-taught electrical engineer - was a maker in his own right, who died when I was quite young. This project has helped me feel a greater connection to him, both in terms of his past (embodied in these movies) and his maker spirit.
Millions of old home movies are still sitting in boxes - I hope the work I've done here could help other makers experience the same thrill of discovering their past.

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