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World Maker Faire 2017

Higher Ed Tech Petting Zoo: interact with tools and projects from Scans for Archeology to Robots for Physics to 3D Printed Molecules for Biochemistry

VR rides including a 360 video tour of each Campus MakerSpace, and other academic uses of VR/AR

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Ian Tynes

Brandeis University Library Director for Research Technology and Innovation Head of Brandeis MakerLab Staff Advisor to 3D Printing Club Hardware Advisor to BITMAP Staff Advisor to Brandeis VR club Staff Advisor to Aviation Brandeis Class of 2005

Jordan Tynes

Manager of Scholarly Innovations Wellesley College

Hazal Uzunkaya

Adam Wentworth

Lab manager for Materials Science & Engineering, staff advisor to Uconn 3d printing club, class of 09

Tim Hebert

Robot Surgeon

Lucian Chapar

Undergrad a UCONN Engineering Founder and Head of 3DPC, UCONN 3D Printing Club

Tim Henning

UCONN Undergrad