MobilemakerED Cart

We provide access to design and engineering for underrepresented youth, with a fully-contained mobile Makerspace. The machines and tools are in custom designed spaces, with drawers and doors, which allows use of the equipment directly from the cart.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I am what people now call a maker, but growing up for me was hard because there wasn't a category like this that you could find your identity. When I discovered the Maker Faire 8 years ago I felt at home. I immediately felt like I wanted all kids to have an opportunity to make, invent, and explore this as an identity. I am making possible now was not possible for my childhood. I believe this is a moment of empowerment, and we need every school environment to have this maker mindset, along with some great tools, to be able to really build your ideas. For this reason, I designed and built the MobilemakerEd Cart, give access it all.

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Categories: Young Makers (Maker is under 18yo), Art & Design, Education, Fabrication, Makerspaces