milk'Em is an interactive play experience that was inspired by a story Vivian is developing called Olive You. The story teaches its viewers about the mistreatment of factory farm animals, and the origin food products. Penelope, the cow, is a Neapolitan flavored, meaning that she can produce chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored milk to be used for ice cream.

What inspired you to make this project?:
milk'Em was inspired by a story I was developing called "Olive You". I was inspired to write "Olive You" because I wanted to create a playful and humorous story as a way of documenting my experience working at an ice cream shop. In the story, there are cows that live in an underground terrarium who produce ice cream for the in-world ice cream shop. I wanted the story to bring a light to the mistreatment of factory farm animals as well as teach viewers about food production.

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Categories: Arduino, Craft, Fabrication, Fun & Games, Microcontrollers
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