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World Maker Faire 2017

September 23rd-24th

Maker Depot: Maker for Good Exhibit Arduino

milk'Em is an interactive play experience that was inspired by a story Vivian is developing called Olive You. The story teaches its viewers about the mistreatment of factory farm animals, and the origin food products. Penelope, the cow, is a Neapolitan flavored, meaning that she can produce chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored milk to be used for ice cream.

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Vivian T. Lee

Vivian T. Lee is currently a graduate student in Parson's Design and Technology program. With a background in animation, she aims to create works that combines storytelling and technology. To achieve her goal, she is focusing on installation pieces, as well as physical computing projects.

Future Food Institute Showcase Maker

Future Food, an ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future, connecting with world’s food hub.

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