Live at
World Maker Faire 2017

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a hospital at Harvard medical school. We run a large medical simulation center for teaching at all levels. We will be showing off some of our devices and offering many seminars so you can make your own.

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Henry Feldman

Dr. Henry Feldman is a practicing hospitalist physician at BIDMC, software engineer and maker, involved in developing enterprise software applications, medical simulation devices, teaching internal maker courses and clinical devices.

Darren Tavernelli

Darren is a registered nurse and is one of the core faculty at the BIDMC Shapiro Simulation Center, running all manner of simulations, and designs, creates and maintains hundreds of medical simulation devices. He is the master of all things silicone.

Michael McBride

Michael is a registered nurse and core faculty at the BIDMC Shapiro Simulation Center, and prior to being a nurse he was a navy radio technician, and is an expert maker with electronics and maintaining our simulation robots.

Alex Chee

Dr. Chee is at the Chest Diseases center at BIDMC as an interventional pulmonologist, who works in making complex simulation models of the lungs using lost-wax investment casting from radiology data (CT Scans)