Maker Faire Rome 2023

Sandwich - The Robot

Sandwich is a small open-source ROS-based robot built over a Jetson Nano, to learn, experiment, and test vision algorithms. It is built with modular mechanical components, easy to improve and expand. Sandwich can be remotely operated, with a custom web-based interface, or can autonomously navigate the environment using a deep learning-based algorithm to perceive obstacles. It can follow objects, people or specific markers.
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Sandwich - The Robot - Maker Faire

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Pizza Robotics Maker Photo

Pizza Robotics

I am a PhD student in robotics at the Università di Pisa. I started building robots in my teenage years, with Arduino, and since then it became a hobby and a life objective. I taught robotics science lab at my former high school and participated in different events to show my works. When I am not building robots I am usually around the world with my bicycle.

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